Wyoming to Stop Common Core

Great things happening in Wyoming with the Common Core Trio’s presentation in Star Valley! However, we cannot be complacent that we are in a better position than some states. Unfortunately, our Governor is a chairperson for the National Governors Association, which is a paid lobbyist organization that lead the push for CC under the “state-led” guise. He also pushed through SF104 to replace our Public Director of Instruction Cindy Hill with an appointed position through Jim Rose! I spoke with Governor Mead at a our county’s Capitol for the Day Ice Cream Social, and he disagrees with my concern that CC takes away local control. He attempted to explain to me that our standards are being raised with Common Core. It was apparent he knows nothing but what he has been told by the very creators of the Common Core Standards Initiative. We did not receive enough signatures to repeal SF104! We need to keep standing against this!


This week Alisa and I spoke in Star Valley, Wyoming at the Afton Civic Center.   The event was filmed and I’ll post it when  receive it.

What I learned:

Wyoming is in great shape to reclaim educational liberty and control.   I’m almost jealous of the state’s position.  Why?

1)  Wyoming could walk away from the temptation of federal monies easily because it has strong education funding through state royalties. 

“Each biennium, Wyoming gets about $1.6 billion to $1.8 billion in federal mineral royalty payments (FMRs), which account for a sizable portion of the state’s entire two-year $8.9 billion budget. More FMRs flow to Wyoming than any other state, largely because of extensive coal mining on federal land” – WyoFile.

2) Wyoming only recently (1 year ago) formally adopted Common Core.  The amount of wasted money, time, teacher development and other Common Core-related waste that is happening in other states, has not happened there…

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One thought on “Wyoming to Stop Common Core

  1. Howdy! Are there any legislators that are on board in Wyoming to stop Common Core? I saw Matt Teeters in 2011 had some questions about it, but they went ahead and implemented anyways.


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