WAKE up Wyoming!! This pertains to us too!!

Here is an  exceptional letter written by concerned parent Carie Valentine. It is addressed to the State School Board members in Utah. I wish I could write with such passion and strength as displayed in the letter!  Familiarize yourself with the names and types of assessments and trainings that are taking place in Utah.  Wyoming is about 1 year behind in following in this exact path!  I have provided the information to support this from the Wyoming Department of Education’s website.

Dear Elected Officials:

I am a part of “We the People”.  You are not in your position because you are smarter than the rest of us.  You are in your elected office because you chose to rise up and say, “I will serve the rest of you if you elect me.”  You were elected because We gave you permission to serve us.  You are in your office because “We the People” put you there.  We decided you could do your job after you communicated with Us what your plans were.  You are to report to The People your intentions.

Read the  entire letter  here.


According to the Wyoming Department of Education’s website, http://edu.wyoming.gov/Programs/statewide_assessment_system/smarter-balanced-assessment.aspx, we are signed on to use the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) to create the computer adaptive testing mentioned in the letter by Carie Valentine. SBAC is contracted with AIR, therefore we will have the SAME systems in our state.


Wyoming should be asking the SAME questions to our department of education.  PLEASE take the time to educate yourself!  Contact board members and legislators!  We only have one year before we are fully invested in this monstrosity!  READ this letter and become informed!



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