Rethinking Schools: The Trouble with Common Core

Diane Ravitch posted a brief summary of a great editorial by Rethinking Schools. It is nice to see that the fight against Common Core comes from all both sides!

Diane Ravitch's blog

Secretary Arne Duncan would have the world believe that the Common Core standards are opposed only by extremists and people who believe in flying saucers.

But it is not true.

While much of the energy against the Common Core has come from Tea Party people who fear a federal takeover of public schools, there are also thoughtful critics on the left side of the political spectrum. I would begin by mentioning Susan Ohanian and Stephen Krashen, for starters. And I would add myself, as I am appalled by the way the standards were imposed without any trials in real classrooms and without any real discussion or debate.

For a succinct summary of the progressive argument against the Common Core, read this editorial by Rethinking Schools.

The editorial looks at the Common Core through the prism of the disaster that is NCLB. The heavy emphasis on high-stakes tests succeeded mainly in…

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Dr. Piper, “I’m Against Common Core because…”

Dr. Everett Piper is the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.   His speech at a Common Core forum in Edmond, Oklahoma makes the case that Common Core State Standards are indeed “common” and that a true liberal arts education has no place for anything ‘”common”. Ideas have consequences.  Ideas matter.  Every human and every human institution is blessed or cursed by their guiding principals – by the importance they place on their ideas.  In many ways, we inevitably do practice what we preach.  (What we teach in school today becomes our future)

Dr. Piper states:

I am against common core because I believe there are ideas that are tested by time, defended by reason and validated by experience, and many of these ideas, especially in our day and time are anything BUT common.

I believe in the law of nature and nature’s God. I believe we can know that rape is wrong, the holocaust was bad, and hatred and racism is to be reviled. I believe that even though we cannot produce these truths in a TEST that we hold them to be self evident. Laws that no human being can deny regardless of what is common to the culture.

My personal favorite quote:

I am against common core because as an educator I recognize that when we exchange the truth of God for a lie that we build a house of cards that will fall to mankind’s inevitable temper tantrum of seeking control and power.

He closes with a POWERFUL Question:

Does subscribing to a common core of ideas, constructed by some faceless group of bureaucrats, behind some closed door, off in some unknown location,  make you feel more or less free?

This is well worth listening to in its entirety!

Common Core Training Presentation

This is the presentation given by three moms from Utah (Christel Swasey, Alisa Ellis, and ReNee Brady).  Christel Swasey has written a blog called What is Common Core: Education without Representation.  It is her blog that has been a wealth of information for myself as I’ve dug into all that is Common Core (besides what propaganda I’m given during Professional Development Trainings and Staff meetings at my former school).  I was asked to share my experience with having spoken out about Common Core as a teacher.  I also give some advice as to how to speak with teachers.  My portion begins at the 43:35 minute mark.

My Take on CC from FreedomWorks

I am so grateful to FreedomWorks and all they do for our country’s freedoms.  Here is a video they put together.  I tell my story (cliff notes version) and some footage from the CC training that took place with over 300 people in Salt Lake City this past Saturday. I will post the footage of that when it is made available.

Here is the video FreedomWorks shot after a major rainstorm.  It was prior to Glenn Beck’s Man in the Moon event at the USANA Amphitheatre.

I pray that other educators will join our ranks as they realize their voice is being stifled and the needs of their students will not be met through bureaucratic mandates.