Dr. Piper, “I’m Against Common Core because…”

Dr. Everett Piper is the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.   His speech at a Common Core forum in Edmond, Oklahoma makes the case that Common Core State Standards are indeed “common” and that a true liberal arts education has no place for anything ‘”common”. Ideas have consequences.  Ideas matter.  Every human and every human institution is blessed or cursed by their guiding principals – by the importance they place on their ideas.  In many ways, we inevitably do practice what we preach.  (What we teach in school today becomes our future)

Dr. Piper states:

I am against common core because I believe there are ideas that are tested by time, defended by reason and validated by experience, and many of these ideas, especially in our day and time are anything BUT common.

I believe in the law of nature and nature’s God. I believe we can know that rape is wrong, the holocaust was bad, and hatred and racism is to be reviled. I believe that even though we cannot produce these truths in a TEST that we hold them to be self evident. Laws that no human being can deny regardless of what is common to the culture.

My personal favorite quote:

I am against common core because as an educator I recognize that when we exchange the truth of God for a lie that we build a house of cards that will fall to mankind’s inevitable temper tantrum of seeking control and power.

He closes with a POWERFUL Question:

Does subscribing to a common core of ideas, constructed by some faceless group of bureaucrats, behind some closed door, off in some unknown location,  make you feel more or less free?

This is well worth listening to in its entirety!


2 thoughts on “Dr. Piper, “I’m Against Common Core because…”

  1. Definitely “less free”. But more importantly the “standards” will chain youth, bind them, by another’s opinion to socio-economic stagnation. There can be no individualism in the system of “standards”. All must be equal, with “equal outcomes” of an unelected body’s interpretation for future workforce conditions. Now who on earth would dream they had a crystal ball such as that???? By the way, the enrichment of gurus and Microsoft for technology-based testing will be at the expense of school budgets. Just ask a local Principal how much of his building budget must be devoted to achieving “standards”-based testing.


  2. Spot on Sandy! No intellectual freedom and forced “equality” of outcomes. No competition of ideas equals dumbed down commonality. The result in the end will be education that indoctrinates rather than elevates…. education that is dictated by a government and a king rather than education that pursues what is true and just!


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