Update on Action Items and Events!

Dear Citizen,

This week the Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core group traveled to Cheyenne to attend
a meeting with the Governor and also the Select Committee on Statewide Education Accountability.
Below is a press release regarding the events including the number of signatures turned into the
Governor. Thank you for your efforts to make this happen!

For more detailed information regarding the Select Committee meeting please visit this link:
We will soon begin more Call To Action items as we approach the State Board of Education meeting in
January, as they may vote the Next Generation Science Standards into the review process.

Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core

Governor Mead Carves Out Meeting Time for Citizens Concerned Over State Education Reform

Parents concerned over education reform descended on Cheyenne for a two-day blitz to express their views
to policymakers, meeting Monday with the Governor and testifying at the legislative Education Committee

The grassroots group Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core met with Governor Mead on
Monday, December 9th at the capitol. The group presented him with a letter signed in just three weeks
by 1,165 citizens in strong opposition to Wyoming’s involvement in Common Core, Smarter Balanced
Assessment Consortium’s standardized testing, and the planned widespread sharing of student data.

One concerned mom said, “I wanted to ask the Governor to reconsider his stance on education reform
in Wyoming. This matter is so serious that as a parent I am considering my options for the education
of my child.”

A father and U.S. Constitution teacher in Wyoming said, “I am concerned about the Next Generation
Science Standards because they advocate anti-Wyoming ideas such as man-made global warming
through fossil fuel burning so I asked the Governor – how do the Next Generation Science
Standards align with Wyoming values?”

Another mom wanted to know in regards to the building of the State Longitudinal Data System,
“Why is it necessary to collect this much data in order to provide Wyoming children with a solid

Ultimately, the group asked the Governor, among other things, to advise the
appointed State Board of Education not to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards.
Governor Mead was also asked to remove Wyoming from the Smarter Balanced
Consortium as a governing state. The group attended the Select Committee on Statewide Education
Accountability meeting on Tuesday. The Committee voted unanimously on a bill for data privacy.

During public comment a parent encouraged the Committee to create a stringent state privacy plan.
“FERPA was amended by the United States Department of Education in 2012, undermining parental
consent provisions and permitting the sharing of student data across state agencies.” She referenced
Oklahoma House Bill 1989 as a potential model,  which prevents health and discipline records from
becoming part of a student’s education records.

Signatures are still being collected for the letter to the Governor at


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