Historic Opportunity for OKLAHOMA and Common Core! SEND a message to Gov. Fallin!


This could be a HUGE step for Oklahoma and Our Nation!

If Governor Fallin signs HB3399 it would be the most thorough removal of Common Core from any state of adoption in the nation to date. The bill:

*Repeals Common Core from state law, creating a framework for standards to be written by Oklahomans over a two-year time period.
*Directs a return to the state’s previous standards and tests during the interim.
*Requires the “mastery of the “standard algorithms in math” – the “most logical, efficient way of solving a problem that consistently works”, in attempt to curb the concept of ‘fuzzy math’.
*Requires Oklahoma’s new standards be compared against the Common Core State Standards to ensure they are NOT in alignment.
*Provides legislative review and approval of finalized standards as created through the State Board of Education.
*Prohibits the state Board of Education from entering into any agreements that would in any way cede control or authority of Oklahoma standards or tests.
*Directs standards and tests to be developmentally appropriate.
*Creates a paper and pencil test option in the event online testing creates issues for students.

I know this is Memorial Day weekend, but if you could TAKE ACTION ASAP, it could really help. 

We want to jump on this effort before she thinks about it too much!  She has to sign before June 2!


As many of you know, HB3399 (the repeal and replacement of Common Core) passed from both the Oklahoma House and Senate by an overwhelming majority Friday the 23rd.  Shortly thereafter, the legislature went Sine Die.  

Governor Fallin has until June 2 to sign HB3399 to sign the bill into law.  If she chooses not to act, the bill will die by pocket veto.

We must begin IMMEDIATELY to ask Governor Fallin to sign this bill into law. 

Here’s what YOU can do:

  1. Copy and paste the letter (you can modify it or write your own as well) into an email.
  2. Send it to Mary.Fallin@gov.ok.gov
  3. CC it to this address pleasesignHB3399@mail.com so that we can keep track of the number of emails sent
  4. If you live in Oklahoma, please also CC your state Representative and Senator so there is a record of the correspondence
  5. If you live outside the state, please identify your state in your correspondence

Please pass this information on.  The more letters we can get to her, the better off we’ll be. Also, please send your emails prior to WED. MAY 28th if possible, so we have time to print them out and give them to her if need be.

If you have any trouble with the email listed, you can also contact Governor Fallin through the Contact page on the state website. There is a place into which you can copy and paste your email.

Thank you so very much for helping Oklahoma with this mission!  We truly must prevail!

Below is an example of a letter you can email to Governor Fallin.  She is the chairman of the National Governors Association.  IF she signs HB3399  it will also send a HUGE message to OUR Governor Matt Mead.  Mead is also a member of the NGA or “Governor’s Club” (as I like to call it). 

Restore Oklahoma Public Education is hoping to print out some of the letters on Wednesday to get to her.

Sample Letter:
Please feel free to change it and/or modify it and please identify your state directly.


Dear Governor Fallin,

Oklahoma has the opportunity to set a national precedent – that of breaking the hold over local education exhibited by the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Please do so by signing HB3399.

Since the federal Department of Education began promoting the Common Core via State Fiscal Stabilization Fund and Race to the Top grants, as well as the No Child Left Behind waivers, it has been virtually impossible for individual states who accepted any of these programs to retain local control over their educational standards and tests. This has translated into, not only parental confusion and frustration over testing and assignments, but isolation from their ability to control and direct the education of their child.

While nearly all parents desire and expect educational excellence for their children, this cannot come without parental input and parent/teacher interaction. When teachers spend more time on testing than classroom instruction, students flounder and the bond between teacher, student and parent becomes fragile. Learning is not imparted via testing, but teaching. The desire for their children to exhibit critical thinking is also nearly universal among parents, yet critical thinking skills are not mastered during protracted periods at a computer that better judges how well a child has mastered the use of electronics than has been educated by their own local teacher inside their local classroom.

Though my family does not reside in Oklahoma, like Oklahoma, our state adopted the Common Core State Standards. As many Oklahoma families, our family has experienced the frustration of isolation from our children’s educational process set into motion by implementation of the Common Core.

With your signature on HB3399, you not only allow Oklahoma to create those standards and tests best suited for Oklahoma parents and children, but you set a precedent for our state to follow in creating and adopting our own local standards; those best for our state. By signing HB3399 you not only become a hero to Oklahoma parents and educators, but you provide hope for those in my state as well.

Please sign HB3399. Put public education back into the hands of those whom best it serves – parents and students.



Were our Governors and Supes Duped? Guest Article by Alyson Williams


Were our Governors and Supes Duped?

by Alyson Williams

The current approach to education reform in the U.S. reminds me of a famous scene in Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer. Tom needs to whitewash an entire fence before he can get on with what he’d really like to be doing. Not able to get the job done on his own he comes up with a clever plan and one by one gets the neighborhood boys to take over his work by making the job look really appealing, by convincing them it is something that want to do of their own accord, and with the flattery that only certain people were capable of doing it. After all, Aunt Polly was “awful particular” and didn’t trust Jim, or Sid with the job. (A little bribery might have come into play as well.)

I find in the dialog between Tom and his first dupe an especially uncanny metaphor for the adoption process of Common Core and the other Stimulus-driven education reforms.

Tom expresses doubt that his friend Ben can be trusted with such the important task at hand saying, “If you was to tackle this fence and anything was to happen to it …”

Ben assures Tom that he’ll be careful and offers, “Say – I’ll give you the core of my apple.” And then as he sees Tom hesitate, he adds, “I’ll give you ALL of it.” “Tom gave up the brush with reluctance in his face, but alacrity in his heart… the retired artist sat on a barrel in the shade close by, dangled his legs, munched his apple, and planned the slaughter of more innocents. There was no lack of material; boys happened along every little while; they came to jeer, but remained to whitewash.”

The narrator observes of Tom, “He had a nice, good, idle time all the while – plenty of company – and the fence had three coats of whitewash on it! If he hadn’t run out of whitewash he would have bankrupted every boy in the village.”

The vignette concludes by pointing out that Tom “had discovered a great law of human action… that Work consists of whatever a body is OBLIGED to do” but that people would happily work at doing something if it was voluntary.

Oh, the irony of new ELA standards that trade to the info-text vocabulary of the 21st-century, global workforce the time once spent feasting on classic stories. Stories that, like this one, would serve as a cautionary tale to Governors and Superintendents racing to support common education standards for our nation when they would likely never had been such enthusiastic participants if the proposition had been assigned or decreed. But, when deftly positioned as a voluntary “state-led” initiative, and presented along with the ego-stroking idea of themselves as the only leaders who could be entrusted with such an important task, the Common Core State Standards Initiative swept Governors and Superintendents into bids of what they each might offer (in the form of Race to the Top grant applications and often the entirety of the cost of such commitments when the grant was not awarded) for the honor of participating.

As chief reformer, Education Secretary Arne Duncan later bragged to an international audience at UNESCO of the success of this strategy, “… today, 37 states and the District of Columbia have already chosen to adopt the new state-crafted Common Core standards in math and English. Not studying it, not thinking about it, not issuing a white paper—they have actually done it.” http://www.ed.gov/news/speeches/vision-education-reform-united-states-secretary-arne-duncans-remarks-united-nations-ed

As a result, the fence standing between reformers who would centralize key aspects of public education and their goal of getting on to more mischief with our local schools was whitewashed in record time. The dupes gave up the whole apple and more, and just like Aunt Polly, the unsuspecting citizen accepted the trickery as a praiseworthy achievement.

In the engaging tale of an American boy, Twain gives insight into what motivates people (think of it as leadership training 101) but also alerts would-be dupes against such schemes as the one currently enabling a concentration of power over the education of the rising generation. In recognizing this, we begin to see the power of a good story to develop both literacy and wisdom regardless of the century or the economy. It might also lead one wonder if we really want students to spend more time dissecting excerpts of everyday informational text (falsely characterized as “critical thinking”) or whether we all would be better off with a little more Tom Sawyer or other classic works that have outlived the educational and political fads by masterfully capturing human interactions in language that speaks to our hearts and souls, motivates us to learn more, and gifts us timeless ideas and ideals to think critically about.

TUNE IN TUESDAY! LIVE Debate on the NGSS Speak Your Piece Radio


Listen Live!

Tuesday, May 13th 9:00AM Listen online HERE! 

Speak Your Piece radio (KODI 1400 AM)

Two Guests will debate the Next Generation Science Standards and the Climate Debate

Climate Parents

Get informed about this California based organization that is seeking to influence Wyoming education standards.

Climate Parents is a national organization that is involved in climate and social justice campaigns across our nation. Wyoming has the distinction of being the first state in the union to resist the NGSS, so this group has targeted us, claiming that “Wyoming is for coal over kids.” Climate Parents wants anthropogenic global warming taught as an accepted scientific fact in our classrooms in spite of abundant evidence to the contrary, so they are threatened when facts are brought forth by the people and such propaganda in education is resisted. They arranged for a contingent at the public SBE meeting held in Casper this month.

The Wyoming Legislature defunded the implementation of the NGSS because of the outpouring of citizens’ voices. These voices were not just concerned about the one-sided teaching of climate, but the quality of the standards overall with weak content that was given a “C” rating by the Fordham Institute. This, along with the unprecedented practice of teaching theory as settled fact in several areas of science, is why parents spoke up in Wyoming.

Please educate yourself about the Who, What, and Why of Climate Parents HERE so you are aware of the extreme ideology and agenda this group promotes and can communicate the threat to legislators and others. To contact your state leaders click HERE.

Scare Tactic: Earth turning into Venus! Refuted by Jim Nations

Climate Change leads to an Earth like Venus



Radio and podcast host astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson makes a wild claim in a new video that can be found HERE on the Business Insider website.   Tyson proclaims, “Don’t worry, earth will survive climate change — we won’t!” Basically this statement is made because Tyson believes the earth will be turned into a planet much like Venus!   He also claims  that consensus makes something science when stating, “It’s science whether or not you believe it.”



Jim Nations

 Jim Nations is a Wyoming citizen who lives in Casper.  He has involvement with STEM education, including FIRST LEGO Robotics, FIRST Tech Challenge, Skills USA Wyoming and other STEM activities. His education includes a Masters of Science in Space Studies and hours towards a Doctorate in Education. He has worked for NASA at Johnson Space Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech, at WYDOT, the Department of Energy and as a private consultant.Jim clearly refutes Neil deGrasse Tyson’s idea by pointing out many scientific facts concerning the planet our Earth is supposedly transforming into.

Venus Talking Points by Jim Nations

Venus is closer to the Sun, so it should be hotter and it is. Venus receives almost twice as much solar energy as the Earth (inverse square law). It has a dense atmosphere of mostly CO2 and the surface pressure is 90 times higher than Earth (about 1300 pounds per square inch, roughly 3000 feet deep in an ocean on Earth). It is covered by bright clouds (high albedo). Its rotation and orbital parameters are different (see below), so it’s very slow rotation means the Sun-side has extended exposure to the incoming solar radiation.

Density of the Venusian atmosphere is one key issue to understand. 90 atmospheres of any gas means a very dense atmosphere around a planet. Would 90 atmospheres pressure of nitrogen (Earth’s major atmospheric constituent) trap heat as well as CO2?. No. Would a denser atmosphere on Earth trap more heat? Yes. Does the 400 parts million ratio (CO2 to total atmosphere volume) mean we’re headed towards Venus-like conditions? No.

The formation of both planets was very different and the current state of each planet is also very different.

Yes, CO2 traps heat. Gases can trap heat. What are the physics of CO2 at Venusian temp/pressure? CO2 takes on interesting characteristics as it is subjected to other than Earth-normal temp/pressure; ask anyone who is injecting CO2 for enhanced oil recovery. Plugging Venus conditions into a CO2 phase diagram is also part of the understanding.

Venus receives almost twice as much solar energy as the Earth. Mars, which is further way, receives 43% less solar flux than the Earth (inverse square law again).

                                                    Venus        Earth        Mars

Distance from Sun (A.U.)                                             0.72             1              1.52

Flux, Watts/meter squared                                          2643        1370            593

Albedo (reflectivity)                                                       0.8            0.3            0.22

Observed Temperature, Kelvin                                    730          288            218

1 Astronomical Unit = distance between Earth and Sun

10 Things About Venus

  1. Venus is smaller than Earth.
  2. Venus orbits at about 108 million km (67 million miles) or 0.72 AU from the Sun.
  3. A “day” on Venus is 243 Earth days (one full rotation). Venus completes a full orbit around the sun (one “year”) in 225 Earth days. Therefore, a day on Venus is longer than a year.
  4. Venus is a rocky planet with a cratered, volcanic landscape.
  5. Venus’ thick and toxic atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2), with clouds of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) droplets.
  6. Venus has no moons.
  7. Venus has no rings.
  8. 40 spacecraft have explored Venus. Two Soviet landers in the 1980s lasted an hour and two hours, respectively. No other spacecraft have landed on Venus since. The Magellan mission in the early 1990s radar mapped 98 percent of the planet’s surface.
  9. No evidence for life has been found on Venus. The planet’s extreme high temperatures of 480 degrees Celsius (900 degrees Fahrenheit) make it seem an unlikely place for life.
  10. Venus rotates backwards (retrograde rotation) compared Earth. Therefore, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

Are we capable of turning Earth into Venus? No, and certainly not by adding incremental volumes of a trace gas – CO2 is now at 400 parts per million ratio (CO2 to total atmosphere) and has been much higher at times in the geologic past.

Is global climate warming change a political and financial scam? Yes – do the science and the financial math!

Questions to Ask

Why does Venus have so much CO2 in its atmosphere?

What events in its history cause it to have very slow retrograde rotation?

How does this very slow retrograde rotation affect its atmosphere and surface warming?

What other elements or chemical compounds, at 90 bar/atmospheres of pressure and density, would produce similar temperatures on Venus? Is CO2 the only compound that will do this? What are the physics of CO2 at Venusian temp/pressure – supercritical or ???

CO2 is now at 400 parts per million ratio (CO2 to total atmosphere volume) in Earth’s atmosphere; CO2 in the Venusian atmosphere is 970,000 parts per million of the total atmospheric gases. That’s about 2400 times more CO2. The percentage comparison is 0.04% to 97%.

It’s popular to say we might turn Earth into Venus because of the CO2 increase in Earth’s atmosphere from human activities – by what processes would this be possible? How long would that take?

What are the other gases in the Venusian atmosphere? What are the total atmospheric interactions given the pressure, temperature, circulation patterns and other variables?

Why isn’t Venus hotter? How much cooler is Mercury than Venus? Why is that?


Tyson needs to brush up on his history of science. Could it be that Non-Global Warming believers may some day be considered the mavericks of science when the hoax of global warming is understood for what it really is?

“It is our responsibility to leave the men of the future a free hand. In the impetuous youth of humanity, we can make grave errors that can stunt our growth for a long time. This we will do if we say we have the answers now; if we suppress all discussion, all criticism, saying, ‘This is it, boys, man is saved!’ and thus doom man for a long time to the chains of authority, confined to the limits of our present imagination. It has been done so many times before.”
― Richard P. Feynman, scientist, teacher, raconteur, and musician