TUNE IN TUESDAY! LIVE Debate on the NGSS Speak Your Piece Radio


Listen Live!

Tuesday, May 13th 9:00AM Listen online HERE! 

Speak Your Piece radio (KODI 1400 AM)

Two Guests will debate the Next Generation Science Standards and the Climate Debate

Climate Parents

Get informed about this California based organization that is seeking to influence Wyoming education standards.

Climate Parents is a national organization that is involved in climate and social justice campaigns across our nation. Wyoming has the distinction of being the first state in the union to resist the NGSS, so this group has targeted us, claiming that “Wyoming is for coal over kids.” Climate Parents wants anthropogenic global warming taught as an accepted scientific fact in our classrooms in spite of abundant evidence to the contrary, so they are threatened when facts are brought forth by the people and such propaganda in education is resisted. They arranged for a contingent at the public SBE meeting held in Casper this month.

The Wyoming Legislature defunded the implementation of the NGSS because of the outpouring of citizens’ voices. These voices were not just concerned about the one-sided teaching of climate, but the quality of the standards overall with weak content that was given a “C” rating by the Fordham Institute. This, along with the unprecedented practice of teaching theory as settled fact in several areas of science, is why parents spoke up in Wyoming.

Please educate yourself about the Who, What, and Why of Climate Parents HERE so you are aware of the extreme ideology and agenda this group promotes and can communicate the threat to legislators and others. To contact your state leaders click HERE.


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