My VOTE for the Primary Election Tomorrow


The Primary Elections are tomorrow!  I have had several acquaintances ask my opinions about who to vote for.  I admit… I have done a TON of research into the candidates, more so than ever before.  It’s amazing how involved one gets when you have a passion about making changes.

Info on how to Register to vote HERE!  Download the VOTER’s GUIDE for HERE.

This blog post is entirely my own opinion with no outside influence; so take it or leave it.  The candidate listed first is receiving my personal endorsement.   I did not list any Democratic candidates except for Pete Rust who is running for Mayor in my home town of Green River.

Don’t JUST take my word on this!  Please check out the website/Facebook page for each candidate!  The state race PBS debates are HERE.   Don’t forget to check out your candidates stance on Common Core in the survey done by Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core HERE.

This is NOT an all inclusive list – these are the candidates I have spent time vetting and/or know on a personal level AND can personally endorse with confidence. 

Local City Races

Mayor of Green River

Pete Rust

Ward II City Council Green River

Ted York

Ward III City Council – MY WARD

Gary Killpack

Governor – We TRULY need a change here! There are two conservative candidates that are excellent choices.  My focus in on education and a constitutional track record.

Cindy Hill

Taylor Haynes

Superintendent of Public Instruction – This is a VITAL race!  PLEASE vet your candidate closely!

Sheryl Lain

Secretary of State

Ed Buchanan – is my choice as he has a proven voting record and stands strong against common core and proven record voting for conservative values.

Clark Stith – another excellent conservative choice, also taken the time to attend my common core presentations and is against top town education.  However, he contributed to Matt Mead’s campaign.  Serious ding on my check list.


Jennifer Young

US Senate

Mike Enzi

Bryan Miller

US House of Representatives

Cynthia Lummis

Sweetwater County Commissioner

John K. Kolb (R)

Sweetwater County Sheriff

Richard Haskell (R)

Ken Yager (R)

Sweetwater County Attorney

Daniel Erramouspe (R)

Clerk of District Court

Donnalee Bobak (R)

Wyoming State Auditor

Cynthia I. Cloud (R)

Wyoming State Treasurer

Mark Gordon (R)

Wyoming State Senate Seats

SD 5

Lynn Hutchings -sponsored HB97 – Anti Common Core bill


Karl Allred


Jeff Raney

SD 25

Jennifer McCarty (Constitution Party)


Kara Rae Linn


Bob Ide

Wyoming House District Seats


Cheri Steinmetz


Stephen Watt – attended my common core presentations, signed form for change to standards review process.  Sponsored HB168 – Anti Common Core bill

HD 18

Lyle L. Williams (R)

Fred A. Baldwin (R)


Allen Jaggi – Sponsored HB168 – Anti Common Core bill


Marti Halverson -Sponsored HB168 – Anti Common Core bill


Pat Moore


Kendell Kroeker -sponsored HB168 – Anti Common Core bill


Gregory Flesvig

HD 48

Mark Baker (R) attended Common Core presentation


Garry Piiparinen

HD 50

Charles Cloud


Chuck Gray  -attended common core presentations, panels


Tom Reeder – sponsored HB97 – Anti Common Core bill, organized anti common core panels

HD 60

Bill Hooley (R) – Excellent Choice for Change!!  (Yes, I’m biased here)










Vote Smart on Common Core in the August 19th Primary!


August 19th Primary Election is in 2 Weeks

Do you want to know if the candidate(s) running for office in your district FAVOR or OPPOSE Common Core?  Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core has made it simple!

Click HERE and find out WHO your candidate is and WHERE they stand on Common Core.

What if your candidate(s) didn’t fill out a survey?  Use the email address we provided to request he/she return the survey so you can find out.

*An email, which included an online link, was sent to all candidates running for office in the State of Wyoming.  It was followed up with an email reminder which included a list of those whom we had received surveys or responses.  We also mailed a hard copy to all candidates who hadn’t submitted one online.  If your candidate didn’t fill one out, he/she doesn’t recognize your desire to be informed of their position. 

Email your candidate(s) and let them know you are interested in their stance on Common Core.  If your candidate submitted a survey or a statement take a moment to thank them as well!