Vote Smart on Common Core in the August 19th Primary!


August 19th Primary Election is in 2 Weeks

Do you want to know if the candidate(s) running for office in your district FAVOR or OPPOSE Common Core?  Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core has made it simple!

Click HERE and find out WHO your candidate is and WHERE they stand on Common Core.

What if your candidate(s) didn’t fill out a survey?  Use the email address we provided to request he/she return the survey so you can find out.

*An email, which included an online link, was sent to all candidates running for office in the State of Wyoming.  It was followed up with an email reminder which included a list of those whom we had received surveys or responses.  We also mailed a hard copy to all candidates who hadn’t submitted one online.  If your candidate didn’t fill one out, he/she doesn’t recognize your desire to be informed of their position. 

Email your candidate(s) and let them know you are interested in their stance on Common Core.  If your candidate submitted a survey or a statement take a moment to thank them as well!


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