Petition for Ensuring Right to OPT OUT of Testing: Reaction to AG’s Opinion


Wyoming Parents Take Note!  Your right to Opt out of Testing is in Jeopardy!  Please sign our petition provided BELOW to help ensure Governor Mead knows you demand he protect your right.  The right to direct the education of your child as YOU SEE FIT, regardless of our Attorney General’s opinion.


1) SIGN THE PETITION to OPT OUT HERE (Full  Petition Text Included)


Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core recently informed you about the letter published by our Attorney General, concerning his opinion on opting out of high stakes standardized testing.   They have sent the following letter (copied below) to ALL legislators.   They are asking that you join with other concerned parents standing up for their rights and send a similar letter.

Dear Legislator,

You likely know about the recent AG opinion that parents may not opt out of state tests.  Parents have numerous legitimate reasons to want to do this, especially the nationalized variety like Smarter Balanced.  Besides the concerns over data mining/sharing, data breaches and hacking which as yet have not been satisfactorily addressed, SBAC pilot tests made it clear that to be successful, teachers must teach using math strategies that are educationally controversial and unproven, making nonsense of the notion that districts still would have “control” over how they teach our students.  Further, parents may also determine that the process of taking the test and the stress involved for students in an “accountability” culture does more harm than good when taking the child’s individual needs and gifts into account.

There is already simmering resentment amongst parents in Wyoming when it comes to the quiet onset of the Common Core and the consortium tests intended to follow on its heels.  The Attorney General’s opinion, with its direct affront to parental rights, is very likely to fan the glowing embers in full flame.  The fact that penalties are not outlined in statute begs that the opinion be challenged…either by civil disobedience or lawsuit.  

To avoid this difficult outcome, concerned parents are very much in favor of a clear legislative statement being made in Wyoming about parental rights; you may expect an opportunity to do so this session.  We urge you to review the excellent case made for fundamental rights in this article and be ready to stand up for parental rights when this time comes:

You may also be interested to know that The Center for Education Reform ranks Wyoming 40th among states for “Parent Power”(  Will the AG opinion help or hurt Wyoming’s reputation for parental rights?

Thank you for your consideration and your service.  We wish you productivity as the interim continues and a fruitful legislative session, and personal blessing for you and your families.  


Concerned Citizen

Green River, WY


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