I’m Voting for Jillian Balow: Here’s Why


I am thrilled to say that these past 6 months I have enjoyed getting to know Jillian Balow.  I feel confident she is the right person to represent teachers and parents in the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Some of you may be surprised, as I was one of her harshest critics during the primary election, that I am giving my endorsement with confidence.

Working with parents and teachers fighting common core across our state, I have found it is vital that we have an open dialogue with our state superintendent of public instruction.  THIS is why I am endorsing Jillian.  She reached out to those who were her critics and has shown a true desire to understand the issues that surround the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  It is clear she wants to represent EVERYONE, not just those in government education bureaucracy.

Jillian Balow is a genuine, hard working mother that hit the campaign trail seeking to understand parents.  She has come to realize it is a majority of citizens that are fighting to retain local control and removal of common core.  She is also a strong believer in local control.  She believes that Common Core is not right for Wyoming because it was adopted even though parents and teachers had NO input.  She also knows that it takes away the ability of communities to make important decisions about the education of their children.

Jillian recently stated she disagreed with the Attorney General’s opinion that parents cannot opt children out of high stakes standardized testing.  Her democrat opponent took the opposite view, agreeing with the AG, that parents do not have that right to opt out of standardized testing. (Sign the petition HERE if you haven’t already).

Jillian’s opponent also, as evidenced at a forum I saw the two interact, has a disturbing lack of education expertise and knowledge of government agency management. He is also under the impression that those fighting common core are misguided and stated he will not engage with us and should be ignored!  We cannot afford to lose this open dialogue with our only representative in education!

Jillian Balow has ten years of teaching experience, eight years in state government leadership, is a fifth generation Wyomingite, and mother of two children currently enrolled in Wyoming schools.

Jillian is a Wyoming educator and strong leader in Wyoming government; unlike her opponent who has zero teaching experience.  She is also very concerned about national special interests and the federal government encroaching on Wyoming’s ability to control the education of its youth.  Her opponent will run education like a corporation, and is embracing the national and federal encroachment that comes along with the Common Core States Standards Initiative (testing, evaluations, data mining, and workforce training).

Please join me in supporting Jillian Balow for Superintendent of Public Instruction because she is not only the best choice, but she will continue to engage with parents and teachers that have spoken out against education reform.  Vote tomorrow with me and support Jillian Balow for Superintendent of Public Instruction.