Ted Cruz and Common Core


Tomorrow morning Sweetwater County will hold their Republican County Convention in Green River.  The delegates in attendance will be able to cast their vote for a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.  The delegates will be chosen mainly due to the candidate whom they have bound themselves to as per the Bylaws of the Wyoming Republican Party. It will be at the RNC in July that the national delegate will represent Sweetwater County and cast their vote for their chosen Republican nominee for President of the United States. See the  CountyConventionAgenda.

Followers of this blog will know that I have been fighting education reform and government intrusion in the name of Common Core State Standards, No Child Left Behind and all its testing mandates along with the most resent legislation on education the Every Student Succeeds Act.

I became active in politics due to changes being made to education while I was teaching in Sweetwater County School District #2. I have since found myself educating people in our local communities, state, and nation on the ramifications of federal mandates on education policy.
During the course of the past 5 years I have met many people with similar concerns.  One of those whom I’ve been blessed to work with and meet on this journey is another mother and teacher that has had a similar journey.  Her name is Christel Swasey.  She has written an excellent piece on why Ted Cruz is the candidate to support.
I highly recommend you read the full article here:  https://whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/why-im-for-ted-cruz/
Ted Cruz has shown a track record of fighting corruption and stating that things MUST change in Washington D.C. AND taking action to prove he will not just SAY he will change, but has already implemented change as a Senator.  I spoke of Ted Cruz’s track record at a local GOP meeting.

Ted Cruz: A Proven Record document I refer to in my speech can be found here: A Proven Record

report card posted by Pulse 2016 and American Principles Project graded presidential candidates on their actions in getting rid of Common Core. Ted Cruz is the only person who has an “A” and is still in the campaign.  If you look at the grades and the criteria,  it is obvious why those against Common Core support him.
Along with being an activist for education and parental rights, I have been concerned with returning to the principles and freedoms embedded within our original Constitution.  I believe that Ted Cruz is the man that will do the best to ensure we return to our Founding Father’s vision.  Take a look at the  Cruz website.  All of the important issues for healing our country are listed, especially restoring the constitution and religious freedoms.

The Cruz website focuses on principles and gives information about how Cruz has taken action on those principles, such as the vital detail of why religious freedom is so important.

Please consider casting your vote for Ted Cruz!



Ted Cruz meets with students from Kimber Academy Sweetwater