Opposing Common Core Makes you an Extremist?!

left_right_confusion_be_gone-shirtstatscomNeal McCluskey, Associate Director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, wrote a great article I hope that many people read. It appeared in the Florida Sun Sentinel and it was specific to Florida, but pertains to all that find themselves lumped together in the fight against the hostile federal take over of education, known as Common Core State Standards. It is titled, You Aren’t a Total Kook if you Oppose Common Core.   More and more often , those in the media and politics (Jeb Bush), refer to the anti-common core crowd  by painting the picture of conspiracy theorists, or those on the extreme left or right of the political spectrum.  This is FAR from the truth.  In the research I continue to do, and the people I meet,  I find there are diverse groups that are fighting  against it.  However, the media does not point this out lest we come together and become an enormous force for change!   Yes, this grassroots movement  is known as a Mom’s Fight and there are some amazing Warrior Moms fighting Common Core, as Jenn White, of Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE) has written a lively piece about, but take a look at this list of Educational Think Tanks from both sides of the spectrum that have written against Common Core!

Heritage Foundation

Hoover Institution

Brookings Institution

Cato Institute

Know that when you take the stance against Common Core you are not alone and are backed by some of the biggest and brightest thinkers, educators, and experts in our country!

Neal McCluskey sums up his article perfectly,

There is an extremely well-informed opposition to the Core, and dismissing opponents as loony does Florida’s children no service.