Update on Dead Bills & New ACTION ITEM!!

no_time_1_HB97 and HB179
Ran Out Of Time

There was a time limit on bills to be heard in the Committee of the Whole in the House last week. The clock ran out resulting in 29 house bills dying. HB97 and HB179 were both among those that were not heard after passing committee.

Even though we did not see the changes we would have liked through these bills, the people of Wyoming are making their voices known and we’ve made great progress in communicating our concerns. Stay tuned for possibilities still alive in this legislative session.

Thank you all for your efforts!

Help Stop the Adoption of the
Next Generation Science Standards

Contact The Conference Committee Today!

An amendment (HB0001H3014) was brought to the budget bill to prevent the spending of any finances on the revision or review of science standards. This will be a great step toward taking back Wyoming education! The Next Generation Science Standards raise many concerns, which can be viewed here. They are the ONLY science standards the State Board is looking to adopt as early as this Spring. One example of a controversial middle school earth science standard is:
ESS3.D: Global Climate Change
Human activities, such as the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, are major factors in the current rise in Earth’s mean surface temperature (global warming). Reducing the level of climate change and reducing human vulnerability to whatever climate changes do occur depend on the understanding of climate science, engineering capabilities, and other kinds of knowledge, such as understanding of human behavior and on applying that knowledge wisely in decisions and activities. (MS-ESS3-5)

Email the Committee: Eli.Bebout@wyoleg.gov, Dan.Dockstader@wyoleg.gov, John.Hastert@wyoleg.gov, Curt.Meier@wyoleg.gov, Drew.Perkins@wyoleg.gov, Steve.Harshman@wyoleg.gov, Gregg.Blikre@wyoleg.gov, Ken.Esquibel@wyoleg.gov, Glenn.Moniz@wyoleg.gov, Bob.Nicholas@wyoleg.gov, Tim.Stubson@wyoleg.gov

Subject Suggestion: Please support HB001H3014
Content Suggestions: Please support the House position on the 3rd reading amendment #14 sponsored by Chairman Teeters. (Add a sentence or two here on why you do not want the Next Generation Science Standards adopted in Wyoming)