Two of Three Candidates for Governor will debate July 15th in Casper


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Two of the three Republican candidates for Governor, Taylor Haynes and Matt Mead, will debate Tuesday, July 15th.

Wheeler Concert Hall at Casper College

The event starts at 7pm and doors open at 6:30 pm.

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

While Haynes and Mead have agreed to debate at this particular event sponsored by the Casper College, KCWY News 13 and the Casper Star-Tribune, Cindy Hill declined due to concerns over the Casper Star-Tribune.   Cindy Hill issued this press release explaining her reason for declining.

Cindy Hill has announced that she will refuse to participate in an upcoming gubernatorial debate hosted by the Casper Star-Tribune. Her press release on the subject is below. She plans to participate fully in future debates not hosted by the Casper Star-Tribune.

Hill Proposes Debate Process That Assures Fairness

Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Cindy Hill today declined an invitation to take part in a debate sponsored in part by the Casper Star-Tribune due to the newspaper’s history of inaccurate reporting.

Hill, the State’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, said she has decided against taking part in the debate — for the same reason she recently decided to stop responding to Star-Tribune requests for interviews: she cannot trust the publication to assure fair treatment.

“The Star-Tribune has consistently misrepresented my positions, misquoted me and gone out of its way to cast me in an inaccurate light,” she said. “This tactic has only grown worse since I advocated for the return of the people’s constitutionally protected voting rights that were taken by the current governor.  How can I trust such a group to run an impartial debate and treat all the participants fairly?”

Hill also said she does not want to be seen as supporting the newspaper in any way, including lending her name to its debate. She stressed that there are many fine journalists in Wyoming and that this comment on the Casper Star-Tribune should absolutely not be applied more broadly.

Hill said she looks forward to debating her primary election opponents in settings not connected with the Star-Tribune, i.e., in a way that assures fairness to all candidates.

It should also be pointed out the Cindy Hill has agreed to debate with Matt Mead on each occasion that she has been invited.  She feels strongly about debating Matt Mead as it will show that she is confident in her ability for government leadership.  The only exception has been this debate for the above mentioned reasons.  I have seen the twisting and turning of words and facts by the newspaper in name.  I have come to accept that the Casper Star Tribune has never striven to be unbiased but in fact have chosen to target certain groups, candidates, and leaders that don’t fit their agenda.

Please do your best to educate yourself on which candidate will do the best for our state.