WEA endorsing Jillian Balow is cause for School Choice Concern!


The WEA’s (Wyoming Education Association) candidate survey states this about school choice in their survey to candidates:

Non Traditional School Options
7. The WEA supports innovation in public education, but believes that any plan such as charter schools must:
• include adequate safeguards for all employees and students regarding health, safety, contract and employment
provisions, non-discrimination, and equal educational
• be staffed by licensed professionals;• fully comply with all statutes and regulations required of other K-12 public schools;
• be adequately funded and not divert current funds from the regular public school programs; and,
• Periodically be appropriately assessed and evaluated.

I am curious where the candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction stand on this very important issue.  I am especially interested since Jillian Balow received the WEA’s endorsement and recently stated on the radio that she is a “huge champion of school choice”.

I agree with Amy Edmonds, policy analyst for the Wyoming Liberty Group and former legislator, when she said, “I’m not sure how you can be a “huge champion of school choice” and get the WEA’s endorsement. They’ve made their contempt of parental choice pretty clear.”

Basically the WEA is in favor  of school choice as long as it looks like, acts like and doesn’t prevent funds from going somewhere other than to public education.  Is the WEA afraid of a little competition in the form of education that doesn’t conform to traditional standards (thinks out of the box) OR do they want to force ALL types of educational choices for parents to conform to their standards OR all of the above?

Keep in mind that I was a dues paying member in the WEA up until a year ago!  Had I seen the questions on the survey before I was literally “wined and dined”(okay no wine but free dinner was involved) into signing up, all in the name of protecting me from that crazy parent or student that might sue me!  I am curious how many members of both the WEA and the NEA realize what these unions are really about!  For Jillian Balow to celebrate receiving the WEA’s endorsement really concerns me as both a public school teacher, parent and someone choosing an alternative to educate my children.

Having the WEA’s endorsement isn’t something that will bring many educated voters to vote for her in the Primary Elections.  Just my two-cents!