Erin Tuttle at 9AM on Speak Your Piece Radio Monday 2/3!



Indiana mom, Erin Tuttle will be on Speak Your Piece Radio at 9AM Monday 2/3.  Erin will speak about the problems with Common Core and legislation to remove it. This is a guest that you won’t want to miss!

You can listen online here at 9AM:

Erin Tuttle is with Indiana Hoosiers Against Common Core and has spoken around the country about the issues with the Common Core State Standards. She has testified to the Indiana legislature.    She and her friend Heather Crossin organized the grassroots group that eventually removed Common Core in Indiana under Governor Pence.

Her story is featured in an article, written by Maggie Galagher in the Catholic Exchange.  It tells how she first became aware of Common Core when she started questioning why the homework her children’s Catholic school was sending home.

“Erin Tuttle says she noticed change in the math homework at about the same time as  Heather, and she also noticed that her child was bringing home a lot fewer novels and more “Time magazine for kids” — a reflection of the English standards’ emphasis on “informational texts” rather than literature.  These standards are designed not to produce well-educated citizens but to prepare students to enter community colleges and lower-level jobs. All students, not just non-college-material students, are going to be taught to this lower standard.”  Click here to read the entire article ,<=====

Please spread the word and tune in tomorrow morning!

Hear Two Wyoming Moms on “Speak Your Piece” Discuss Common Core


On January 10th, two mothers from Wyoming discussed the Common Core State Standards during the “Speak Your Piece” program on the Big Horn Radio Network.    I am grateful to warrior moms that are willing to make this a priority and do something that is out of their comfort zone!  Way to go Kelly and Erin!  Thank you for speaking out and voicing the opinions and concerns of many other mother’s across this state and country!

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