Article: “Former Teacher Blasts Common Core”


The Green River Star printed an article on the front page of the paper that was published on November 1st. It gave a brief report on the presentation I gave in Rock Springs last week called, Common Core: What They Are NOT Telling You! I hope that you have the opportunity to read it. It is titled, Former Teacher Blasts Common Core, and can be read here.

I would like to  thank David Martin, editor at the Green River Star, for attending my presentation last week and reporting on my presentation in an unbiased manner.

There were a few things that were reported incorrectly that I’d like to correct. .

James Milgram was actually on the Common Core “Validation Committee” that was created to put their stamp of approval on CC.  Also, it is the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), NOT the AASA (as stated in the article), a group of superintendents that hold the copyright to the standards. The CCSSO, or “Superintendents’ Club”, as I’ve heard it referred to, is a private group with no accountability to voters. This makes it in-valid and un-American, as far as governance goes.

The CCSSO has a stated mission: to disaggregate student data. Disaggregate means to take away anonymity.    It stated on their website that one of  their goals is to disaggregate (personally identify) the data that will be collected on students.  Here is a link to the information on their website stating they have goals to change how data is used and shared.

I am grateful for the unbiased reporting and hope that this will help spark the interest of those in our communities as to allow them to learn more about what changes are happening to our local schools.

I will continue doing several presentations around our county.  I have recently been asked to speak to a group of concerned citizens in Teton County in Jackson on the 16th.   I will also be speaking with the Conservative Woman’s Group with several others that have been researching all the pieces that the Common Core State Standards Initiative brings with it.