We Will Not Conform: Memories and Motivation!


It was thrilling to be amongst those that were invited to be in the audience for the We Will Not Conform event hosted by Glenn Beck.  This was a strategy session on how to defeat Common Core.  Members of the audience were able to participate from the theaters via twitter.  It also was intended to connect and bring people together in their own communities.

Glenn Beck and other well known figures who participated are Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, David Barton, and Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks.  It was amazing to see Dr. Terrence Moore, author of The Story Killers and former Hillsdale College Professor, and Emmett McGroarty, from the American Principles Project.

What a boost it gave those in attendance to remember the importance of working TOGETHER across all isles and all political spectrums.


Here in our own state we have those that tell you NOT to come together and that there is only ONE answer to removing Common Core!  This is so sad that many are conflicted and confused by messages that are not consistent. I hope that this would not discourage those of you that are aware what Common Core entails and leave the fight.  I’m grateful Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core chose to support this event.

We NEED EVERYONE – even if we don’t agree on EVERYTHING!  This picture reminds me of how important this is!


Here I am pictured with two amazing women whom I’m lucky to call friends.  Yvonne Gasperino and Jenni White also attended in Dallas. Yvonne has successfully brought together MANY from all sides, working together with Stop CCSS in NYS.  They were just one of many groups that brought the opt-out movement that is now sweeping our nation!  Jenni with ROPE successfully moved her state of Oklahoma to a FULL removal of Common Core!  Does this mean they are done and can close up shop?  Of course not!  They are aware that without continued watchfulness Common Core could be back with a new name or through different avenues! Working together across the nation AND in our state, we too can win this battle!

This is Chris Loesch and myself during a break from filming.  He is Dana Loesch’s husband.   Dana was once on the other side of the spectrum compared to those that agree with Glenn Beck.  Now she eats liberals for dinner and has an amzing conservative show on TheBlaze.


Dana lead the charge at the grassroots table along with Heidi Huber of Ohio, Heather Crossin from Indiana, and Emmett McGroarty of American Principles Project.   You can tweet to @DLoesch and #WWNC2 to give input.

Grassroots table

Dana was interested as I explained what lead to my resignation as a public school teacher and the path that lead  me to join others in this fight against top down intrusion into education.


It was an honor to meet Truth in American Education’s Shane Vander Hart.  He took my experience as a teacher being under a gag order and sent it across the nation.  I am grateful to his work then and now for exposing what education reform is doing to parents, students, teachers, and the nation.


Amy Edmonds and Cindy McKee networked and handed out literature to those concerned citizens attending in Laramie.


“Energizing. Motivating. Dawn-breaking as you realize you are not alone. These are some of the impressions people got as they attended the Glenn Beck We Will Not Conform event in Laramie”, said Cindy McKee.

McKee continued to describe why she attended as a member of Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core.

We wanted to make sure that people understood that a grassroots movement in Wyoming is already underway. Attendees each received a bookmark with information about how to connect to others who see what’s happening with education in Wyoming and want to do something about it. It was great to see some new faces who are just now becoming aware. It was really exciting to see new activity on Facebook and Twitter during and after the event from Wyoming citizens. This is how a movement grows. It was so gratifying to hear from folks who stopped to thank us for what we were doing as they were leaving the theater.  This kind of event brings people of a like mind together and enables us to connect people from across the state to one another. These connections will multiply and grow more forceful by the month. Thanks to all who attended!

Don’t t miss the rebroadcast!  It will be shown AGAIN on Tuesday July 29th at 6:30PM. 

Find tickets  & Theaters: http://www.fathomevents.com/event/we-will-not-conform-live .

There were theaters selling out across the nation for the amazing event!

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I whole-heartily agree with Cindy McKee of WCOCC when she says,

Make no mistake…the opposition is watching (they were in attendance as well). But if we persist, if we continue to find each other, organize, and become a powerful force of voters in Wyoming, we will effect change. Come be encouraged. Come meet other people who are concerned just like you. Legislators and other policymakers will indeed listen if we show up and we speak as a united voice, and we stay committed to the course.